Turkish Towel

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This luxurious heavy-weight Turkish towel is made from a raw Turkish cotton and handwoven on traditional semi-automatic looms in Istanbul, Turkey.
With its gorgeous neutral coloring of coffee with navy blue accent stripes running the length of the piece, this textile is a perfect as an addition to any outfit or decor.
Hang in a bathroom to add a mature texture and warmth, throw it over a couch or even at the end of the bed as a blanket.
Made from raw fibers that are woven looser than the linen towels, this textile is perfectly delicate while remaining structured and becoming softer and more absorbent with every wash. Designed to be a functional bath/poolside towel, these are also a perfect tablecloth or breastfeeding cover.
These towels are ethically made and hypoallergenic, they are made of all natural fibers and 35% more economical to wash and dry than your standard towel.